Looking for Alaska – Indie Folk Duo aus Neuseeland

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2019
20 Uhr

Aaron Gott and Amy Maynard form the duo Looking for Alaska. They offer up a sound rooted in country-style guitar and soaring harmonies woven together at their very fibre, intensified by their on-stage chemistry. The pair’s familiarity, closeness and authenticity is fuelled by their real-life romance, creating a magnetic performance style that captivates their audience time and time again.



“ …the music they make is, frankly, phenomenal: Soaring acoustic ballads driven by Gott’s instrumental deftness and Maynard’s powerful, soaring delivery. One part folk, two parts country, two parts soul.“
Mike Mather, Stuff NZ Feb 2019

„Loving, warm and authentic folk that at times makes you want to sing along and dance with an armful of friends – or sit down in solitude, reminisce and let the music fill you“
Sam Vegar, NZ Musician Magazine 2016

Vorverkauf: 10 € Abendkasse: 12 €


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